Currently March!

I am participating in Farley’s Currently for the first time ever and I’m really excited! I’m also participating a couple days behind but oh well!

I did some speed work earlier today and “Cannonball” was the song I listened to during it. If you haven’t heard it, look it up! It’s by Lea Michele and it’s a part of her album Louder. Great song for running.

And I wore leggings with shorts and just a light fleece during the run as opposed to leggings and sweatpants plus three long sleeve tops. And I wore sunscreen! Hello Sunshine!

I just woke up from a three hour nap. It’s a slightly discombobulating feeling to say the least. I feel very calm and energized (at the same time if that makes sense) but now I worry I won’t be able to sleep tonight.

And I really want new running clothes for spring. A couple tops perhaps or some new shorts?

But I really need a new pair of running shoes. I go through mine about every three months so I end up buying a pair every time the seasons change which works out nicely. But actually I’ve been alternating wearing my fall and winter ones! My winter ones would get REALLY wet in the snow so I dug out my fall ones to wear while waiting for the others to dry. That said I’m excited to get some new ones for spring…so I can get those wet running through all the puddles and melted snow!

And the last “question’s” answer is what I did this weekend because it’s March and it’s almost spring!

Happy March

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