Super Sunday! Nearing the Finish Line

I didn’t post last week because I had such a crazy week and I was just looking forward to the weekend!

This weekend I am looking forward to finishing my electronic portfolio for my masters program.

It’s A LOT of work: Creating pages for each class, creating pages for each assignment, linking these pages together, then to top it all off completing a matrix of standards. Here is the link to my portfolio: Go to the Documents > Graduate Experiences page where you can see the classes I took, etc.

It’s slightly overwhelming but I’m in the last stretch. This week I finally completed each of the categories in the Matrix of Standards. Next week, I am going to be revisiting each one and making sure that they really meet the category. I think by the end last week, I was just putting assignments in to fill the matrix.

My portfolio is due on the 30th and then I have my last master’s class starting in May. Then I am DONE!

It’s very, very exciting.

Also for next week is cleaning my math desk! It's a mess of math worksheets, articles, SBAC materials, and books. I'm going to be very excited when I have more than a half a desk to work in.

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