Currently September!

Woo Boy Here I Am! I have survived (and enjoyed!) the first week of school (more about which I’ll share later. This is more of a ranting rambling post) ….but I feel like for every one thing I do five more things appear. I feel like I am making no headway at all!
Things I feel overwhelmed by:
1) TEAM….gahh. Nuff said. Luckily I have an awesome mentor. Remember in fourth grade how there was that one teacher who everyone wished they had? You do, right? That cool teacher? Well, imagine she now teaches second grade, got married and is still just as cool. That’s my mentor. How awesome is that? I literally remember her in fourth grade. She had the classroom next to my teachers and my best friend was in her class. It’s amazing how life comes full circle.
2) Teacher Eval & Bloomboard. Ack.
3) Decorating my classroom. Okay this one is reallllly bugging me. I love to decorate and I think I’m a fairly creative person. Except I am totally STUCK! I have a computer lab to decorate but to be honest it’s not life or death to decorate it. It already has some posters up and the computers take up most of the space. Except I feel the compulsion to decorate and don’t know how to begin. Bwa. I also think for the ideas I do have I just don’t have time to do them!
4) Reading for Professional Development. I bought two Stephanie Harvey books and a colleague lent me a book on Total Participation Techniques and this weekend I think I read, maybe, a chapter of each. So nerve wracking and stressful for some reason!
5) Providing PD/Training for others: My school became a Google District this year and I am learning alongside everyone else about how it works. But as the technology teacher I am seen as a source of expertise. Which is interesting!  Taking it day by day!
6) My schedule. I work part-time which (let’s be honest) is kind of awesome but I also feel like I’m trying to squeeze a full time day into a part time schedule and I always feel at the end of the day that there are so many things I wanted to/needed to/intended to get done that day but haven’t gotten around to. VERY frustrating.
7) I work with half the students in the school since I am a specials teacher. Which means I have to remember all their names, needs, and strengths. Working on this! But that’s why I need those silver ring thingamagigs…you know like a binder ring except not attached to a binder. I made flashcards for all my students with their picture on one side and space to write info on the back. My plan now is to hole punch the corner of the cards and have each class on a ring I can flip through at the beginning of each day/class to refresh my mind about the students  and plan for the day.

Things I love:
1) Working with half the students in the school. Although I never imagined I would be a specials teacher, I actually love having a variety of students to get to know and I feel like ultimately it will make me a better classroom teacher because I am learning to manage a variety of classroom dynamics and personalities multiple times a day.
2) Teaching is great! No seriously, this is one area that I know a lot of my fellow new teachers probably feel overwhelmed by but I love it! I love teaching the little munchkins, I love teaching the content, and I love my teaching schedule. I feel like so many of the different items I have learned through out the years (from classroom management to instructional strategies) are coming together and I am using now. 
Which is really, really good. Because ultimately, this item outweighs all the rest in the above list. I will learn all the students names, I will read my PD books, I will get on top of learning the technology as it is unveiled so I can be a source of knowledge to others, I will complete and rock my TEAM Modules, I will do awesome (or at least proficient) on my teacher evals. I know all these things. I will get my computer lab decorated, I will figure out to maximize my time. But I get caught up in all these details that take time to sort out, when in the end, loving teaching and loving my students are the most important things. If these two were in the list above, then I’d be worried!

And SO SORRY FARLEY for this Currently turning into a ramble about things that have been floating around in my brain all weekend.

SOOO back to Currently:
I would love love love to visit Ireland: County Cork, County Kerry, Dublin. I also would love to visit California and Hawaii for the beaches and so I could learn to surf. Although I guess if I haven’t learned to surf yet where I live (not too far from surfable waves)  I guess it’s silly to travel to do it. But hey! Self doubt! What are you doing here! This is my Currently post! {Ahem} Anyways, so yes, Ireland, Cali and Hawaii.

So now with the summer crickets chirping outside my window, I shall go to sleep so I can get up early tomorrow and get ‘er done! (as in my to do list). 

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