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I am currently in my second year as a technology teacher in a Pre-K through Grade 2 school in Connecticut.  I LOVE my job and how creative I get to be with it. I combine  inquiry, technology and multiple intelligences to help students love learning!

I graduated from Eastern Connecticut State University in 2012 with my B.A in History and in 2014 wth my M.S. in Educational Technology. Go Warriors!

I started blogging in 2011 in a blog called Teaching Voracious Readers. The blog focused on books I loved along with teacher resources.

After I graduated, I wanted to keep blogging, but sometimes I wanted to blog about more general teaching experiences and not just books so I created this partner blog: Teaching Voracious Learners!

When I'm not teaching (and blogging), I am a passionate runner (five one-mile races, seven 5Ks, two half marathons, three marathons, two trail races...I love training AND racing!).

I balance out my love of teaching, blogging and running with a love for fashion, ice cream and writing fiction.

Catch me on Periscope at @VoraciousTeache, Instagram @VoraciousTeacher, and Pinterest at @VoraciousTeacher.

Happy Learning!

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